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Vision Boards A Must Have – 5 Reasons Why

Lately I have been all about Vision boards, even more so than usual to say the least! I personally get so much out of completing a Vision Board, whether its for personal use but even more for an event. A vision board is a concrete representation of your desires and objectives for a compelling event. They are fun to create and can serve as an invaluable tool to motivate and propel you towards concrete task oriented actions. Visualization is important. Studies have shown that it can improve motivation, coordination, and concentration, while reducing fear and anxiety.


When you spend time formulating an idea and are able to place it in a visual form it opens amazing content. A vision board is a great place to put all those ideas out on a visual spectrum. Through pictures and other visual elements, you can convey feelings such as delight, sadness, or even pity. Visual appeal can awaken memories and emotions like trust, comfort, hope, or self-confidence, all things that can have an amazing effect on your event and your guests. Hence you want a memorable event, one that engages all fantastic emotions and wonderful senses of joy!


The reason that vision boards work so great is because you visually see your ideas. When you see something that inspires you, you are able stay on track. Even when you face setbacks, that vision board will still be there ready to motivate you all over again. Visualization is a very powerful tool and the benefits are well known. Vision boards makes you think about what you really want – occasionally we all brainstorm about what we want to achieve but actually putting it down in color is the best manifestation you can get.


A vision board gives you a clear outline of your event or life goals and objectives. By providing a vision board for your ideas you can easily see what works and what doesn’t and that in itself makes it easier to stay on track and focused. You need to have this focus with your planner or designer so everyone is on the same page and know what’s expected for the decor design, floral designs and overall look and feeling tone of your event.


At certain points we all need motivation, when I put something on my vision board, it’s not just some fancy decoration, it’s there to inspire action. Action is all you need to get the ball moving! A vision board can help you get clarity on how well your vision will be executed. For me personally there`s something about putting it on paper (or in this case on a poster board) and giving yourself a deadline to accomplish it. It makes it feel very much like a commitment and an intentional act rather than just wishful thinking.


Believe me seeing your ideas in a realistic and tangible format will definitely get you more excited about your event. This is the final step to putting everything together and can be an extreme relief for most people. All the time and energy you and your planner or Design Specialist have gone through to get exactly what you are looking for down pact is an awesome feeling. Relish in it the best is yet to come!!!

All in all, vision boards are all about helping you follow through on your goals and can be tailored to fit any event design idea!

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