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2019 Level Up Trends

The event planning industry is an ever changing business, in order to create the best events you need to be innovative, organized and creative. We want to integrate new ideas for events in 2019 to Level Up each minute of the moment! Not only for smaller events but for larger events, try to incorporate ways to enlighten the guests with new information or never before seen experiences. 2019 is all about bringing forth new experiences for events!

Working with a charitable organization can require research, but it can blossom into a fruitful partnership for you both through furthered awareness of their mission and deeply meaningful experiences for your attendees. One big trend for 2019 is an expectation for events to be more socially aware and have a greater purpose, with more thought going into the planning and executing stages. As event planners we always want to deliver a journey for the guests and bring the host/hostess vision to life but utilizing a social or environmental cause will be a highlight for 2019. We want to take guests on a journey with the clients and evoke emotion and social responses, that will keep people talking. This in itself makes the whole event experience that bit more memorable and is a very powerful way to get guests talking about it for days afterwards.

Technology is going to be a key factor in the way event professionals do business in 2019. An increase in the use of event management technology, will create a more efficient use of time for the client and the event planner. Using live data to inform real-life elements and attendee lists up to date by the minute is a great way to keep your client and guests happy! Another example of this changing trend are Virtual 3D walk-through venue presentations. This will become an integral part of the decision-making process for planners. The ease of clients from all distances to be able to utilize 3D floor-plans is not only convenient but effective for planning.

There has been an increase in creative and offbeat venue spaces for clients this is another way to create new journeys for guest. The willingness to focus on creating interactive, memorable experiences and events clients are leaning towards venues that are beyond the normal standard, this is a key focus on driving attendee engagement. The key is to pique interest with unconventional meetings and event venues, generating talk among the guest list and building anticipation for the event. From pop-ups in parking lots to luncheons in artist lofts, taking on the task of transforming an unexpected space will add loads of value to your event.

As always, the pressure is on for attendees to deliver events that wow, and innovative decor plays a significant role in this. “The best venues, F&B and decor will be the ones that offer the most ‘braggability’ for attendees,” said Levine. “These days, experiences that are the most braggable are those that are most unique. As an event planner, if you can offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience, be it with food or surroundings, you’ve just hit conference gold.”

Increasingly, attendees are specifically looking for outdoor spaces that visually impress. Pools, garden, beaches and the like provide plenty of visual appeal on their own, and don’t require you to pay as much for additional decor touches. Still, to really make a statement, experts suggest adding some additional decorative elements; on-trend options include mix-and-match modular and functional furniture and Mediterranean or Old Hollywood thematic details.

Alternatively, you can bring the outdoors in by utilizing nature-influenced design. Plants in general are predicted to be a major trend in the new year; hang them from ceilings or arrange show-stopping floral installations for an earthy vibe that’s very of-the-moment.

As for color, it’s all about bold shades. Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, ultraviolet, is poised to remain popular in 2019. As Pantone puts it, the purple hue “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

There are also exciting new trends in finding decor inspiration. An increasing number of planners are checking out looks from high-profile fashion shows to come up with ideas on colors, designs and themes. The Pinterest and Instagram accounts of shows like New York and Paris Fashion Week are excellent places to start if you want to find out what’s next in style. You can also search social media platforms for home-decor trends that are easy to replicate at events. (

These are a few of the event trends I have now but there are definitely more coming  –STAY TUNED!!

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