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Shake up your Holiday events!

I am super excited about the holidays, as always, it brings families closer together and it also creates an atmosphere for amazing event ideas! This means keep you can do just about anything with your holiday decor and event designs. You can always keep a close start on your budget and still get the best ideas for your event to come to life. I personally love glitter for the holidays! It brings a magical element and can jazz up even the smaller events leaving guests buzzing!

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 1.40.05 PM.png

This 2017 holiday season also is tending to lean towards “in-home” events. A lot of my clients are looking to entertain but in the comfort of their own homes, this provides several advantages:

  1. Budget Budget Budget

  2. Control

  3. Attendee climate

When I mention budget sometimes people tend to cringe at that word, but the budget sets the tone for how far and how creative you can be.  We also tend to think that a smaller budget means less for your event or your guests, not true, for me as an event planner it only means we will get to be more creative in my thought process as well as the decoration. Also I mentioned control, a lot of times when you have an event at a location and it may be a smaller guest list such as 21-50, it may be bit to rein everyone in for the activities. When you choose to have the event at your home there is a much more intimate setting, which smaller groups tend to appreciate more. Last but not least attendee “climate”, I for one, when having a gathering I want to no scratch that need to ensure that all my guests are having fantastic time. I love to get people together that I know who may not be familiar with each other and have so much fun they cant wait until the next time! Hence being the “hostess with the mostest”! The holidays really embody that phrase because there are times when friends come together with family and are not acquainted with one another. This is the best time for attendee “climate” incorporated events!

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