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Slap Boring in the Face!

Color is EVERYTHING in events! Color palettes are a very important part of your event, its the smooth pastels or the vibrant brights that help create the ambience. The deep hues of reds and purples with the light subtleties of pink and yellow. Don’t be afraid of color, it is the smack in the face of boring!

So don’t be afraid to put a little extra in your event decor. We tend to take for granted how colors also make us feel. The right vibe can be created with color. What I like to do is take a main color and create around it, then add subtle pops of color throughout.

You can even get your guests involved by having them wear something with the signature color. This is really cute with baby showers and bridal parties, people tend to be more creative when there’s a theme involved.

So for you next event Slap Boring in the Face!!!!!

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