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Virtual Event Trends and How to make them work!

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In this current climate, Virtual Event Trends have been picking up steam and forging head first into our society. 2020 has become an iconic year for Virtual Events and there’s no short of creativity or enthusiasm when it comes to the Virtual Event! So the question becomes how do you turn a face to face event into a virtual success (see what I did there) All events require engaging content, and memorable moments, so we take that and spin the wheel on the virtual events. As with any event PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! Creating engaging content is not as challenge as one may think. Also never forget THE HOST is the major event tool!

Some people may ask “What is a Virtual Event?” Its simply an event you attend via your smartphone, I pad or computer, probably in the comfort of your own home. With that being said put the same energy into your virtual events as you would your in person events! I will provide a few tips for your Virtual Events:

  1. Content-This is a valuable aspect, this can be pictures, videos etc, that stimulate the attendees

  2. Host-The host is a huge factor when planning a virtual and in person event. Someone has to bring that fundamental energy to the event!

  3. Organization-This is just as important in an in person event as a virtual event. This includes schedules and time-frames and virtual setting.

  4. Setting-This is very important, make sure you have a run through day so you are able to work out any kinks prior to the event. Whether you will use Zoom, Facebook Live etc.

I hope the above tips will give you a better overview of virtual events and how to pull them off without a hitch!!! For more tips follow my blog!!

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